Eco-Group NZ Ltd. emerged in 2018 in New Zealand, positioning itself as a pivotal parent company overseeing esteemed brands catering to retailers across Australia and New Zealand. With the director having a decade-long tenure in the cycling industry, the company swiftly established a wholesale division, specializing in the provision of premium bike components to retailers throughout Australasia. Notable brands within Eco-Group’s portfolio are Yolk NZ, Blub Lube, Velosock, and Tannus, each embodying a commitment to quality and innovation in the cycling industry.

Yolk is NZ born subsidiary brand of Eco-Group that manufactures high end vertical bike racks for the Australasian market. With an ever increasing number of cyclists, Yolk has specialised in providing the most strong, durable, scratch free bike rack that suits the needs of professional riders. Being KIWI made and put through the most rigorous testing qualifying certification by CPENG has placed it as one of the strongest racks in the market.

Velosock leads the global market with innovative indoor bike storage solutions. Inspired by Nordic cycling culture, its covers combine functionality, durability, and simplicity, catering to cyclists of all levels. With Velosock covers, cyclists can protect their bikes without worry, whether at home or on the go. Committed to sustainability, Velosock minimizes waste and prioritizes eco-friendly practices. 

Tannus Armour is a revolutionary puncture proofing system made from world patented Aither technology. After 10 years invested in R&D Aither was born which is the heart of all Tannus Engineering. The three types produced are the Tannus Armour insert, Tannus Tubeless and the 100% puncture proof Tannus airless Tyre. Designed in Spain and manufactured in South Korea, Tannus has reached global market with distributors all over Europe, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

BLUB offers specialized lubricants and sealants for cyclists, catering to both professionals and enthusiasts. With a commitment to sustainability, BLUB provides eco-friendly solutions alongside its high-quality products.  BLUB uses recycled materials for its bottles and refrains from animal testing. Continuing to innovate, BLUB aims to enhance its entire product range with eco-friendly materials, ensuring optimal cycling conditions while caring for the environment.