Stop THE Worries! Stop THE Punctures!

Eco-group NZ Ltd are the master distributors of Tannus Products in New Zealand. Tannus anti-puncture products are made from world patented material called Aither. This material is made from Polymers and Olefin co-polymers. Aither is a culmination of 10 years of developing Tannus in the Tyre industry. Tannus manufacture three main products, the Tannus Armour, Tannus Tubeless and the Tannus solid tyres. These products have revolutionized the cycling industry removing frustrations of flat tyres often experienced by riders.

Armour eliminates 90% of the punctures thanks to its reinforced sidewall and underside protection.

It allows rolling at lower pressures for a better grip in both wet conditions and rocky areas.

The Armour absorbs vibrations for a smoother, more comfortable ride.

In airless conditions, rolling is still possible for a limited period of time at up to 10 km/h, without damaging the rim.

Installing the Armour is as fast and easy as installing the tire and inner tube. It doesn’t require maintenance.

Our design incorporates flexible wings, adding cornering stability and increased performance.

Thanks to its 20mm of protection and its unique design, it absorbs up to 50% more impacts and vibrations from the ground.

Our patented Aither material does not absorb the liquid, keeping the insert light throughout its life.

Our technology allows rolling without damaging the rim in the event of a puncture.

Simple installation in just 5 minutes.

Nail, crystals and roadsides in a bad condition proof. You will no longer need to repair a flat!

Forget about maintenance and checking the inflation pressure. Just enjoy!
Lighter than most of the combinations available: tire + inner tube + rim tape. Furthermore, forget about the replacement parts, tools, pump… Get the stress away from you!
6.000 Km guaranteed with an excellent performance, although you can ride many more Km
The Pins® System is worldwide patented that provides a perfect rim anchor making impossible it’s debeading. The Aither® compound provides excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.

Minimize the environmental impact of waste with Tannus Tires. Thanks to the lifespan of these the number of waste generated by the activity vs to the traditional system (Inner tube, Tire, Heavy Materials).

What the Champs says
About tannus


New Zealand Southern Crown Enduro Champion

“I’ve been running Tannus Tubeless inserts for 18 months now on my main workhorse – a Zerode Katipo. I’m 2000km+ in and so far, I’ve not had a single flat, burp, rim-ding, or any other tyre-related issue and that’s with plenty of hard riding on Grade 5+ trails all over the South Island.

Fitting Tannus inserts was a breeze compared to Cushcore, they’re also cheaper and significantly lighter too.”

Luca Cometti

Luca is emerging as “Freeracer”. He now adds front flips, backflips, 360’s, suicide no-handers, and tons more in the middle of his race runs. 

“The added suspension damping is the best I have experienced out of any tire insert and is a noticeable difference on all trails. It is also the easiest tire insert to put on–I can install my downhill tires without any levers and it generally takes me less than 5 minutes.”

Kelend Hawks

Bellingham hero, Kelend is known for his insane and unique ride style that is best described as a “Wild Banjo” in the deep woods of Northern Washington. 

“Lap one was unreal — so much traction. My first run I was running 10 psi front and rear but it was a little too slow off jumps so I went up to 20 in the rear and they feel crazy good.”

Jaxson Riddle

2019 Redbull Rampage athlete, Jaxson is constantly putting out some of the craziest edits you’ll see all year, while still working on being a Pilot.

“My hands have been thanking the inserts vibration damping as bike park can rattle them numb. Also a big relief to not sweat pinch flats anymore”