Blub Bio Degreaser


  • Ecological degreaser for bike transmissions.
  • Removes all types of grease, dirt, oil, or wax residues.
  • Soapy, biodegradable formula with neutral pH.
  • Gentle on paint, plastics, rubber, and bike components.
  • Available in 1L and 5L sizes.
  • Easy application: apply, scrub, and rinse for a clean transmission area.
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Blub Bio Degreaser offers an eco-friendly solution for cleaning bike transmissions while respecting the environment and your bike components. This ecological degreaser is specially formulated to remove all types of grease, dirt, oil, or wax residues from your transmission components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

With its soapy, biodegradable formula and neutral pH, Blub Bio Degreaser effectively breaks down grease and dirt without harming the environment. Its foamy texture softens and removes even the most embedded dirt in seconds, leaving your bike components clean and ready for action.

Designed to be gentle on paint, plastics, rubber, and all bike components, this degreaser provides a thorough cleaning without causing damage. Available in 1L and 5L sizes, Blub Bio Degreaser is suitable for various cleaning needs, from routine maintenance to deep cleaning sessions.