Blub Ceramic Lube


  • Premium ceramic lubricant designed for AD & XCO adventures in dry conditions.
  • Provides superior protection and longevity for your chain compared to traditional wax-based lubes.
  • Infused with ceramic additives for enhanced durability, wear resistance, and corrosion protection.
  • Offers extra power compared to wax-based alternatives, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Suitable for rides lasting 100-120KM.
  • Reduces noise and friction, ensuring a smoother ride experience.
  • Quick-drying formula forms a low-dirt-attracting lubricating film.
  • Ideal for road trips and dry mountain conditions; not suitable for rainy or muddy environments.
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Blub Ceramic Lube is an advanced chain lubricant crafted for adventurous rides in dry conditions, catering specifically to AD & XCO enthusiasts. This premium ceramic lube boasts exceptional durability and longevity, outperforming traditional wax-based alternatives. Infused with ceramic additives, it forms a protective layer on the chain, offering superior resistance against wear, corrosion, and environmental factors.

This premium ceramic formula provides an extra level of power and performance compared to standard wax-based lubricants, ensuring your chain stays well-protected and performs optimally even in demanding conditions. With a recommended application range of 100-120KM, Blub Ceramic Lube delivers reliable performance and reduces noise and friction for a smoother ride experience.

After application, the lube dries quickly, leaving behind a durable, low-dirt-attracting lubricating film that enhances chain performance and longevity. Ideal for road trips and dry mountain excursions, this lube is not suitable for use in rainy or muddy environments, as water exposure can compromise its effectiveness.

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15ml, 120ml