Blub Dry Lube


  • Advanced dry lubricant formulated for long outings in dry and dusty conditions.
  • Provides exceptional security against mud, water, and puddles, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Recommended usage range of 150-200KM for extended rides.
  • Formulated with PTFE material for excellent friction reduction and chain penetration.
  • Oil-based formula offers superior adhesion and longevity between applications.
  • Ideal for road and mountain biking adventures.
  • Provides unbeatable performance in dry, dirty, and dusty environments, with enhanced water resistance.
  • Must be used in conjunction with Blub Degreaser for optimal results.
  • Facilitates smooth gear transitions and enhances riding experience.
  • Available in 15ml (up to 10 applications) and 120ml (up to 80 applications) sizes.
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Blub Dry Lube is your go-to solution for extended cycling adventures in dry and dusty conditions, offering unparalleled performance and security even in the face of mud, water, and puddles. With a recommended usage range of 150-200KM, this lube is designed to withstand the rigors of long-distance rides while maintaining optimal chain performance.

Formulated with PTFE material, Blub Dry Lube penetrates each link in the chain, providing exceptional lubrication and reducing friction for a smoother ride experience. Its oil-based formula ensures superior adhesion to the chain, resulting in extended longevity between applications. Moreover, it offers enhanced water resistance, making it an ideal choice for wet conditions encountered during long rides.

Perfectly suited for both road and mountain bikers, Blub Dry Lube excels in dry, dirty, and dusty environments, offering reliable performance even in challenging conditions. Prior to application, it’s essential to clean the chain thoroughly with Blub Degreaser to ensure optimal performance.

Blub Dry Lube facilitates smooth transitions between gears, enhancing your riding experience and allowing you to tackle climbs and descents with ease. Available in convenient 15ml and 120ml sizes, offering up to 10 and 80 applications respectively, this lube is a must-have for cyclists seeking long-lasting performance on their rides.


15ml, 120ml