Blub Electronics E-Bike Cleaner 450ml


  • Specialized cleaner for moisture-sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Fast-drying formula removes oil, dirt, and condensation residues.
  • Suitable for various electronic components in e-bikes and other devices.
  • Non-conductive and leaves no residue.
  • Safe for use on contacts, circuit boards, and other electronic parts.
  • Easy to use: shake, apply, remove dirt, and allow to dry completely.


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Blub Electronic E-Bike Cleaner is a specialized cleaning solution designed specifically for moisture-sensitive electronic equipment, making it ideal for cleaning various components found in e-bikes and other electronic devices. With its fast-drying action and penetrating formula, this cleaner swiftly removes oil, dirt, and condensation residues from hard-to-reach areas, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of electronic systems.

Suitable for use on a wide range of electronic and electrical equipment, including contacts, battery terminals, wiring terminals, electrical boards, and circuit boards, Blub Electronic E-Bike Cleaner provides thorough cleaning without leaving any residue behind. Its non-conductive properties make it safe to use on electronic components, ensuring no risk of short circuits or damage.

With Blub Electronic E-Bike Cleaner, you can effectively maintain and clean your e-bike’s electronic systems, promoting reliable performance and extending the lifespan of your equipment. Whether you’re cleaning contacts, circuit boards, or other electronic components, this cleaner offers a safe and efficient solution for all your electronic cleaning needs.