Blub Graph Lube 120ml


  • Revolutionary graphite-based lubricant for road and mountain biking.
  • Recommended usage range of 120-150KM for optimal performance.
  • Engineered with submicronized graphite and organic waxes for superior performance.
  • Reduces friction and extends transmission lifetime for faster speeds and enhanced protection.
  • Creates a resilient, flexible layer that coats chain links without cracking or dividing.
  • Provides smooth, precise lubrication and protects components from oxidation.
  • Offers fewer erosions and more kilometers/miles for extended durability.
  • Eliminates noise and cracks, improves gear changes, and enhances corrosion protection.
  • Experience peak performance and longevity with Blub Graph Lube.


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Blub Graph Lube is not just another lubricant; it’s a game-changer in the world of cycling. Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency, Blub Graph Lube combines the power of submicronized graphite with organic and new-generation waxes to create a lubricant like no other. With a recommended usage range of 120-150KM, Blub Graph Lube is the ultimate solution for cyclists seeking maximum performance and durability on both road and mountain biking adventures.

Crafted from high-quality ingredients, including organic molybdenum particles, Blub Graph Lube reduces friction and extends the lifetime of your transmission, offering faster speeds, enhanced protection, and reduced fatigue. The presence of graphite, the primary component, creates a resilient and flexible layer that coats every link in the chain, providing optimal lubrication without cracking or dividing.

Unlike traditional lubricants, Blub Graph Lube slides and adheres more efficiently to the chain, ensuring a smooth and precise finish that protects components from oxidation. Experience fewer erosions and more kilometers/miles with this innovative lubricant, which combines low friction with greater durability for superior transmission performance.

Say goodbye to noise and cracks, and enjoy smoother gear changes and enhanced corrosion protection with Blub Graph Lube. Its light, flexible layer preserves the integrity of your components, extending their lifetime and ensuring peak performance on every ride.