Blub Wax Lube


  • Ideal lubricant for dry and dusty road or mountain conditions
  • Creates a thin wax film between transmission components for low friction and noise reduction
  • Resists dirt buildup and ensures easy cleaning post-ride
  • Prolongs transmission life and prevents chain wear
  • Suitable for distances of up to 100-120km per application
  • Available in 15ml (up to 10 applications) and 120ml (up to 80 applications) sizes
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Prepare your bike for smooth and efficient rides with Blub Wax Lube Road Trips, specially formulated for dry and dusty road or mountain conditions. Engineered to excel in dry weather scenarios, this high-performance lubricant offers unparalleled protection and performance, ensuring your bike’s transmission operates at its best mile after mile.

Blub Wax Lube is the go-to choice for cyclists venturing into dry and dusty environments, providing optimal lubrication without attracting dirt or debris. Its advanced formula, free from oils, fats, and harmful solvents, creates a thin wax film between transmission components, minimizing friction and maximizing efficiency. This not only saves precious watts but also extends the lifespan of your bike’s drivetrain while reducing noise and preventing chain wear.

Whether you’re tackling dry mountain trails or cruising along sun-soaked roads, Blub Wax Lube is your reliable companion for the journey. Its exceptional resistance to low and high temperatures ensures consistent performance in various weather conditions, allowing you to focus on enjoying the ride without worrying about transmission issues.

With Blub Wax Lube, maintenance is a breeze. Its low attraction to dirt and easy cleaning properties make post-ride maintenance hassle-free, while its long-lasting formula ensures fewer reapplications, allowing you to cover distances of up to 100-120km on each outing. Available in convenient 15ml and 120ml sizes, with up to 10 and 80 applications respectively, Blub Wax Lube is the ultimate choice for cyclists seeking superior performance and reliability in dry conditions.


15ml, 120ml