Slick 700×23


The lightest, narrowest and most reactive Tannus road bike model, ideal for your trainings.

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Tannus Slick 700x23C

It has a slight grain in the tread, without side pattern. It incorporates Aither 1.1 technology that provides comfort, maneuverability and a high level of grip in both dry and wet conditions.

Similar experience to the traditional air tire, two hardnesses available:

Regular: Average inflation pressure / greater comfort (users weighing less than 80kg)
Hard: High inflation pressure / higher performance (users weighing more than 80kg)

  • 100% puncture proof tire
  • Long durability (+ 6.000 km)
  • Chemically & thermally resistant material – Anti Hydrolysis
  • Compatible with Clincher rim (Carbon Fiber and Profile)

How to measure your inner rim width

  • Remove your old tire.
  • Use a ruler or caliper tool to measure
  • select the correct measurement below

Regular, Hard


Midnight (Black), Volcano (Red), Lemon (Yellow), Aqua (Blue), Melon (Green), Carrot (Orange), City (Grey), Cotton (White), Love (Pink), Mocha (Brown), Sahara (Beige), Vegas (Fuchsia)